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Healing Naturally: Going Gluten Free

Alexis Williamson is a writer, wellness coach and Duct Tape and Bubblegum’s resident mind-body expert.


Last time, we talked about some steps to get you started on healing naturally through nutrition.

Because studies show dairy, sugar and gluten are the top triggers for sensitivities, lack of energy, and inflammation; the most common question I get from clients is:

If I’m experimenting with removing dairy, sugar and gluten ~ then what can I eat?

Going through this experience myself, I know it can be tough and even confusing to start a whole new relationship, and even lifestyle, with food. I also know that you need guidance and helpful information to make the process doable! I want to provide you with a couple of my favorite brands/goodies and even tricks I’ve learned while coaching others and experimenting with my own nutritional needs (aka my Thrive-style!).

Let’s start with gluten

Just to clear up the gluten/wheat question: wheat and gluten are not the same thing. Although, usually one doesn’t come along for the ride without the other. Best friends, if you will. Gluten is the protein found in wheat (the grain). 

Gluten isn’t necessarily the enemy here. Our diets seemed fine until gluten started showing up in everything we eat. And I mean everything. I truly believe it’s the overloading of gluten/wheat in the system that really goofs things up. There is some evidence showing that hybridized wheat strains (championed by farming efficiency efforts) are the real culprits in gluten sensitivity and their earlier, vintage cousins may be less toxic. The jury is still out on that, but what we do know is that modern, hybrid-wheat gluten leads to everything from chronic sinus problems to joint pain. You’ve likely heard of the chubby, gluten-intolerant “Wheat Belly,” but did you know that research links gluten sensitivities to depression and other mental health issues!? Our bodies crave balance!

With that in mind, anything we buy on the shelf should be eaten in moderation. The overall goal here is to add in more of the fruits and plants growing straight outta beautiful mother earth. The more vibrant colors on your plate, the better!

Try these gluten-free substitute essentials:

  • Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta (Organic, dense and chewy, very delicious & Non-GMO) 
  • Tinkyada Rice Pasta (Organic)
  • TruRoots Ancient Grain Pastas (Organic, Sprouted, Non-GMO and combines Quinoa, Amaranth, Brown Rice + Corn)
  • Rudi’s Bread (best tasting & Non-GMO)
  • Mary’s Crackers (earthy tasting, for the health-nut lover)
  • Crunchmaster Crackers (for the tastier version)

Most of these brands are available in grocery stores and TruRoots is available in some Costco stores! Part of the journey is surrendering and being open for change. Some things will work for you, and some will not. Change takes time and patience. And lots of bubble baths!

As always, feel free to consult with your healthcare practitioner of choice. Also, remember that this process is not only about ‘removing unhealthy foods,’ as it’s also muy importante to add in more greens, fruits and other super-hero-foods!

I’ll be following up in my next post on the dairy/sugar alternatives. That’s going to be a content-rich piece for ya. Until then, happy experimenting and I look forward to hearing from you during your journey in health, happiness and balance.


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    • We love this post. We read “Wheat Belly” on the road trip and it inspired us to go gluten free. Been gluten free for about a week and feeling great!!

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