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Duct Tape and Bubble Gum (the blog) is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Though we have fun with self-help and some of our approaches are humorous, irreverent and playful, we take your well being very seriously. There are many people suffering in this world, and most people have encountered a painful experience in their lives. We ourselves have faced the suicides and deaths of loved ones, along with other very significant life problems. We know how hard it can be.

The intent of this blog is to bring some light into the storm. Having seen people recover from such things as near death experiences from heroin addiction to recreating a healthy life after contracting HIV while living on the streets, we know that any recovery, no matter how unbelievable, is possible. It takes work. It takes baby steps. It takes a healthy dose of self reflection and a powerful willingness to change for the better. It takes day by day commitment. We know that a playful blog is not the solution, but it is a voice rising above the din of fear that fills our prisons, rehabs, mental hospitals, medical offices, and self help community. We need to find a way to enjoy life– to feel the joy of it, while maintaining our health and well being. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Just because you had a lot of fun partying on MDMA and think it’s uncool, or too grown up, to take responsibility… We’re here to say that you can create FUN, be playful and have health and success in your life. Being grown up (being healthy, even) can be filled with terrifying responsibility, but that’s only because we have been taught to live with fear.

Embrace a new faith that your life can be filled with openness, acceptance and even joy! If you are suffering and that suffering is entrenched, then it is time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get started. Call someone you trust, find a self-help group, see a therapist, go to the doctor, join a spiritual group that feels safe to you and begin. The past is gone and the future has not yet happened: Start now. Now is the only time you have.

In the United States, you can get referrals and resources by dialing 2-1-1 on your telephone.


25 thoughts on “About

  1. I try to write the way I speak because after a lifetime of living in fear, I’m seriously into genuine. My only source of frustration at this second is that there’s a clever girl who already said what I was about to say: you guys rock! You really do.

    I hope our paths cross, here and elsewhere (my “blog”?) and who knows, perhaps somewhere on the coast, or indeed anywhere the like-minded actually bump in to one another.

  2. Well…as Jack Benny said many times…and I say now, “Well….!”
    This was (not only peeking into but now following JOTS) a breath of fresh air….
    Thank you for that and where did you come from…not as in location but as in…location?

    • Brian says: “We were spawned by aliens.” Though we have no recollection of that, we want to believe. 😉 Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! We love good company.

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  4. Hi Brian and Julie,

    Arigatou (thank you) so much for checking out my blog AND becoming a follower 🙂
    Your blog is pretty sweet. It’s got a lot of self-help material that shows us that life is worth living every single day. Keep it up 🙂 I’ll follow your blog as well.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.

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  7. Hey! You received a ping back the other day on your About Me page! Yeah, that wasn’t spam. I just nominated 45 bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Why 45? Well, I made up for the last three out of six. So, you’re one of them! Congratulations! You can find the post here: http://wp.me/p2TeFs-KP ! Take care.

  8. As the song says, “You found me just in time…” This is so great! And thanks for following Good Golly Miss Molly. (We may be from the same alien tribe…)

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