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Healing Naturally: Prescribe Nutrition

What would life be like if we were all eating healthy, organic meals regularly?

bad foodI found myself asking this question after watching a film based on the idea that Food is Medicine. Food Matters discusses the possible ways we can heal our bodies through nutrition and questions the drug-obsessed nation we’ve become. How did we get to a place where we rely on popping a pill for every affliction? As I listened, I felt inspired and compelled to share…

The drug industry is a half trillion-dollar a year, world-wide conglomerate. Almost $300 billion in North America. This is a really, really big business. What would happen if everybody were well? There is no money in health. You see, good health makes a lot of sense…but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars. ~Andrew W. Saul (Ph.D)

This quote kinda makes sense, right? It’s a scary thought. It’s confusing to think we may have our priorities all mixed up. Instead of buying healthy, organic food for our families, we’re buying designer clothing, bigger houses, cars and drugs band-aids for our problems. We look the other way. In this film, they talk about the theory of taking “one pill for every ill.” It’s understandable because this is essentially what we’ve been taught. But, there’s always room to learn and grow. I think we’ve entered a time; a new understanding of how to heal naturally and more importantly– how to THRIVE!

Regarding our ailments, it’s helpful to try to find the root of the cause. This might be anything from stress to an overload of toxins due to non-organic, pesticide ridden food. To figure this out, it may take some thoughtful consideration and introspection. And, of course consulting with a health coach, nutritionist, naturopath or even an M.D. specializing in holistic, Integrative Medicine.


Here are a few proactive steps on how to actively discover healing naturally through nutrition:

1.) Listen In: Sit down in a quiet area and close your eyes. Bring your attention to your breath. Quiet the mind and go inside. Ask yourself to reveal what’s going on with your body. Focus on your breath and listen in for your intuition to give you clues.

2.) Ask: While in meditation or a resting position, ask yourself some helpful questions…

  • Where do you feel discomfort/pain?
  • What foods seem healing and nurturing?
  • What foods seem to drag you down and/or make you feel less energetic?
  • What am I feeling unhappy/dissatisfied about?
  • What does optimum health look and feel like?

3.) Record: It’s helpful to start keeping track of ailments and foods you’re experimenting with. Jotting down the date and the action (what you ate or how you’re feeling) can help put the pieces of the puzzle together. Buy a fun lil journal and make it part of your daily routine.

4.) Experiment: Studies show dairy, sugar and gluten are the top triggers for sensitivities, lack of energy, and inflammation. The first thing my Naturopath* had me try was a 30-day elimination diet (of the above three). You can apply this to meat as well; a food known to be more difficult to break down in the body. HCA’s (Heterocyclic amines: DNA-damaging carcinogenic compounds) are found in meat once it’s cooked. You can try one food item at a time too, whatever works best for you. Stay open-minded and see how your body responds.

5.) Greens!: Whether you’re removing funk from your diet, or not, you can always improve your health by adding in more fruits and veggies. We know the glorious benefits are undeniable: immune health, alkalinity, reg BM’s, extra oxygen, skin health & raw (enzyme rich) healthfulness! This includes juicing – liquid love that is readily absorbed into the bloodstream! As a parenthetical note, there are some rare health conditions (and if you have one of these disorders, then you already know) in which an increase in leafy greens can be dangerous, so please always change your diet with your own body in mind and when in doubt– *consult!

6.) Organic/Non-GMO: The benefits start with the food being non-modified, natural, and nutrient-dense while avoiding pesticides. Shop smart and shop clean! It is possible to find deals on Organic and Non-GMO foods. You can try Amazon or Costco (believe it or not), and watch for sales at local health food stores. It’s an investment in YOU! In the end, buying organic, “green” food is definitely cheaper than paying for hospital bills. You can start this transition slowly. Even switching a couple of items to organic counts!

Why the elimination of some foods? The less your body has to work (on breaking things down & removing toxins), the better digestion and overall health you’ll have. And maybe even…the better you’ll feel? The more you’ll be thriving. 🙂

*And, as always: check with your doctor or naturopath before making any serious changes in your diet/health regimen.*

This is an ever-evolving journey but you gotta start somewhere! Start today…

To truly reap the rewards of vibrant, long-term health, we must have a holistic game plan that honors the complex needs of our minds, our bodies, and our effervescent spirits. Change your plate, change your fate. ~ Kris Carr

Check back later for follow up posts, where we’ll take a look at each step in further detail.

Photo credit: gamene / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: gamene / Foter / CC BY

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  1. Awesome post! I was a vegetarian for 6 years and I just recently became a vegan, and I will certainly look into the benefits of also eating organically after reading this blog : )

  2. Loved this post! Great information and inspiring. It’s nice to be reminded that even the small changes count and will lead to overall well-being. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for these invaluable tips. The last few months I have been cutting down on meat and foods with added sugar and I’m feeling more energetic than ever. Some particular fruits and vegetables tend to contain more pesticides than others. There is a list called the ‘Dirty Dozen’ which can help decide which items to buy organic. Add regular exercise and you’re on your way to become a fitter version of you!

    P.S. Love the last picture! 🙂

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