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The Most Sacred Place on Earth : Introducing The 30 Day Challenge

The most sacred place on earth is where you are standing right now. That’s it, really. It’s that simple. For all of the conflict in the world over sacred places, we miss this simple point. One does not need to travel great distances to Tibet, Israel, Rome or other well know sites of the sacred.

This post is an introduction to our new feature, The 30 Day Challenge. We are all about daily, practical action of simple skills to improve your life. You can jump in on the 30 day Challenge at any time, or pick out one of the past challenges. Feel free to share your feelings about the challenge (in the comments), even if you’re working on an older challenge– we’ll check all comments and give feedback to questions.


What would our world be like if everyone treated every step, on every piece of soil as the most sacred place on earth? This one simple change in consciousness would bring with it truly transformational effects on our environment and our lives. Imagine the changes to the world if everyone was standing on the most sacred place on earth, everywhere they are, where ever that is. This concept, in conjunction with the ability to be present in the here-and-now, creates a reality that no longer requires being somewhere different, or in another time, in order to find peace.

Many people believe that when they get to a specific place it will trigger some great life changing revelation. Perhaps, but what then happens if you don’t get there, or what happens when you leave. No matter where you go, there you are. We’ve met many well traveled people, and we’ve traveled to meet and experience people in sacred places. In our experience, people are more or less, the same wherever they are for the simple reason that we all want the same things…

We all have the same human needs.

Constant ideas of needing to be somewhere else is the distraction that allows for us to defer responsibility for our actions in our daily lives, today. 

If we are constantly seeking everything externally, in other places and in other times, we completely miss the beauty of where we are now.

TRY THIS FOR 30 DAYS…Starting tomorrow, approach every place as sacred and every moment you spend there as cherished. At the end of each day, recount your travels and reflect upon how well you were able to stay present. Attempt to do a little bit better every day. At the end of 30 days this exercise may have a profound impact on your world view.

One word of caution. This is your experiment. Happily observe others, but do not judge them. Perhaps once you have found yourself with a new appreciation for where you live, and your relationship to your environment, others may notice a difference in you. If someone should ask you what has brought about this apparent change in you, feel free to share your exercise with them.

9 thoughts on “The Most Sacred Place on Earth : Introducing The 30 Day Challenge

  1. love this! i’m glad i found you. i like this “not your ordinary self help.” keep up the great writing.

  2. Hoping everyone is benefiting from this challenge. I lost track today… back on it in this moment… sitting in a sacred office chair on sacred earth, but I’m not territorial about it. Everywhere will be sacred today.

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