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Current Sounds Featured Artist: The Seductive Groove of Alt-Ctrl-Sleep


We’d like to introduce the first of many future posts from our music division of Duct Tape and Bubble Gum. We have added a Current Sounds feature to the blog, which includes a Sound Cloud player on the front page that will change periodically. You can enjoy some good tunes while reading through posts.

Our first selection for Current Sounds is our favorite husband and wife team, Joe and April Diaco. They are the gifted musicians creating the sounds of Alt-Ctrl-Sleep. Brian discovered them through Myspace many years ago and instantly fell in love with their seductively padded sound. They have a large international following, with their music being found in commercials and feature length films.

Here is a review of their work.

Here is another review and interview. It’s interesting to learn how April & Joe manage their artistry with their relationship.

Here is a LiveJournal Community featuring them.

Here is their YouTube page.

Here is their iTunes catalog.

Sit back and relax to the “dreamy, relaxing, ambient and tender” sounds of Alt-Ctrl-Sleep, our first featured artist for Current Sounds.