Do-It-Yourself Sunday

Duct Tape DIY Sunday: Tea Bags

Get out your duct tape! Today is Duct Tape Do-It-Yourself Sunday! Each week on Sunday we will feature the craftiness of our parenting skills writer, Amy Jane, or another crafter/hobbyist we discover.

One of our overarching self-help and good-living philosophies is that having a hobby and other positive recreational activities makes life more fulfilling and improves mental health. Our career and our loved ones can’t be the only thing reinforcing our feelings of well-being and keeping our sense of personal meaning afloat. Expanding our lives through a hobby enriches our sense of self. And, if we don’t apply too much unnecessary perfectionism to it, it can increase our self-esteem.

There’s some unfortunate truth in the old saying, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” If you’re prone to bad habits, addictions, anxiety, or general misery, there’s nothing like a rewarding hobby to keep your mind off of it. Start one today!

DIY Tea Bags from Amy Jane Sews And Other Handmade Adventures…

So, I made these tea bags for a friend’s baby shower recently. The host had the idea for handmade tea bags and I thought it sounded like a fun project! I think they would make a sweet inexpensive holiday or birthday gift too. So, here’s how you do it: FOLLOW THIS LINK TO READ THE WHOLE POST

DIY Tea Bags