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Practical Patch Work : Start With Gratitude

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In the face of a lot of opinions, ideas, tools and techniques for self-development, it can get confusing to know what action to take. A lot of people reading this blog and various self help books may see all these ideas and ask themselves, “so what, now what?” and they’d be right to. After we get opinions about what needs to change and we accept this self-insight, we need to choose to make these changes, or nothing changes. Whether it be achieving career goals or weight loss…Nothing changes if nothing changes! So in practical application what can be done, right now, today, in this moment to make a change.

Number One, start with Gratitude.

Gratitude is a state of being thankful for something and valuing something in our life. In our experience two things are usually true in life. 1) something in life can almost always be better and 2) something in life can almost always be worse. Most of us obsess on what’s wrong and how it needs to be better, while forgetting to stay aware of how it could be worse (unless of course we are disaster obsessed which is a different but related topic). Gratitude is one of the only cures for fear and envy and it can be an instant respite from anger and frustration. Appreciating and feeling gratitude for the simplest things (an interesting crack in the sidewalk, for instance or a stranger’s smile) can set you free from chronic pessimism.

Let’s start with 10 things people can be grateful for on a daily basis.

1.) You woke up. You’re breathing. (Some folks may not understand how to feel grateful for this, but it’s worthy of gratitude). Victory!

2.) You have the luxury time and access to a computer enabling you to read a blog.

3.) Your foot is not being swallowed by an alligator.

4.) Aliens have not invaded the earth and enslaved us…


5.) Being able to help others.

6.) Your loved ones.

7.) The generosity of others (the outreach to Sandy survivors says it all).

8.) You live in a place and time of abundant technology connecting you to others.

9.) In the States, you live in freedom.

10.) Be specific with your list… We’re are grateful that we woke up, had a nice warm cup of coffee, have the opportunity to write this blog, have our loved ones safe, got the opportunity to drive to work and live in enough abundance to do so.

And the list goes on…

So what about you? Start your list– this is about doing, not thinking. Doing is an action. Let’s do it and start now. Grab a pen and paper, the notepad in your smartphone, send yourself an email, or even drop a comment below and tell us…

What are you grateful for?

2 thoughts on “Practical Patch Work : Start With Gratitude

  1. I am grateful for you, your siblings,the family, extended families, the surprises of everyday life, and the chance to live it, the freedoms and challenges presented, having all of my working parts, the experiences that got me here today, being able to look forward to the present moment, and being grateful for being hopeful for the next moment as we only have now.

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